Thursday, March 18, 2010's been awhile

Hello out there.....sorry it has been SO long since my last post. Where shall I begin........well, since my last post what, a month and a half ago, a lot has changed!

Barrett is now going to daycare part time instead of full time. It just didn't make much sense to keep him in full time anymore since both Louis and I are home. We didn't want to take him completely out though because he loves his friends and it's a great environment for him to be in. I have taken some initiative and bought some preschool learning books so on the days he is home with me we do preschool time and he LOVES it! He is still working on potty training, but has succeed actually going in the now we just need to work on continuing that trend :). He is turning into such a little boy, it makes mommy sad. Not sad that he helps with his sisters and talks non-stop, but just sad that he's not my little baby anymore that never talked back. He is the light of so many lives though and it makes me SO proud to know that Louis and I are raising a great little guy! We went to the St. Patty's parade last weekend and Bear couldn't wait to see the marching bands. He talked about it all afternoon and evening Friday and the first thing he said the next morning when he woke up was "we going to see marching bands!" Not "hi mommy" or "I wanna watch Calilou" or "I wanna watch firetrucks" like he normally says! So maybe my little man will be a band geek like his mommy :). His newest thing has been watching fire truck videos on youtube. I think daddy introduced that to him....but there is a fire truck song that he watched once and 3 days later after watching MANY more times he knew all the words and was singing along! I video taped it on my phone but the size is too big to send out from there. So I need to download it and put it on's TOO cute! But again, like last post, our computer is STILL that will come in due time as well. He is a smart little cookie and says things sometimes that really amaze me. He has a memory like a steel trap....just like his daddy...because many of you know, mommy can't remember crap :)!

Charli and Lili are doing well. They are 4 1/2 months old already!!!!! Time really does move too quickly. At their 4 month appointment we learned how identical they truly are....both weighed 12lbs 14ozs, both measured 23 3/4 long and both had the exact same size head. They are in the 25th quite a change from my 90th percentile boy....but doing well all the same. Both girls have been referred for physical therapy. The ped thinks Charli has torticollis and Lili may have a slight case. It's when the muscles in the neck on one side aren't as strong so the baby tends to favor turning their head to one side (which both favor the right). Another characteristic is when the baby is sitting her head is sort of cocked to one side, it's not held upright. This is where I notice most of the problem with Charli. Lili doesn't seem to have this characteristic as much. It's something that can be corrected with PT and if it does not get resolved by 1 year she possibly could need surgery. I have spoken to the physical therapist and she is coming to our house April 19th for a developmental assessment and from there she will determine the severity and if PT is truly needed or if there are things she can just teach us to do. I felt like a horrible mother after leaving the 4 month appointment though because I thought it was something I should have noticed. And of course, once it was pointed out to us, I haven't been able to not notice it. After doing some research though, I wasn't beating myself up as much. It's something that is pretty common in multiples because of being crammed in....and for their size they were definitely crammed :). And it makes sense that Charli's head is tilted the way it is when she sits because of her positioning in I am hopeful everything will be ok. Their little personalities have really come out. Lili is A LOT like her daddy (which is the opposite of what we originally thought). She is just chill and sits back and takes it all in. Charli on the other hand is just like her mommy....moody, no patience, and LOVES to talk :). She is definitely the chatterbox of the two. Both of them love to smile though and I am really looking forward to hearing them laugh. They are daddy's girls already (as if any of us ever had any doubt!). Louis sings to them all of the time and they just stare at him and smile. And tonight Charli was just chillin with daddy watching was so cute.

Louis and I are hanging in there. The winter was slower than we had anticipated....but isn't it always. He has been home with me all winter and surprisingly we haven't wanted to kill each other....well ok, maybe there was a time or 2 ;)...but all in all it has been wonderful for the 5 of us to have the time that we have. I am going to miss him when he starts working 70-80 hour weeks again....but it's all worth it come winter again. We are hoping that this year will be the year for Lawn Monkey. He has brought on a friend of his (he was in our wedding for those of you that were there), Corey, to do the irrigation side of the biz and we think he will be a great asset. I have begun looking for a job and possibly might get a PT job in the bakery at Whole Foods. My mom works there and loves the I thought I would give it a whirl. It's literally 2 minutes from my house. If I am offered the job I will have to weigh the pay to that of PT daycare for all 3 kiddos and see if it's worth it...but if it is, my mom said they promote from within and if a FT job becomes available they post it throught the store it might work out well down the road when the kids are all in school and I need something to do :). I know Louis thinks I will be his personal secretary for the life of Lawn Monkey, and maybe I will, but I will see where life takes me I guess.

So that's enough rambling from me for one night. Louis and I just prepped the trucks for the big snow storm (5-10 inches....they don't know snow like us New Yorkers!) we are supposed to get after our 70 degree week (gotta love Colorado) and now I am ready for bed. Again, I will post recent camera pics and video when we get our computer back. The ones I posted tonight are cell phone and not the best quality. Talk to everyone later!

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  1. Thanks for the update! I love checking your blog. The kids are all beautiful. Kathy Milnes